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Highway To Hell

And I'm Going Down

Who Am I?
I'd like to begin this bio by preambling any further statements with the fact that darklydanie made me do this. Now that we understand that, I suppose I should say that I'm a bit of an obsessive fan for a number of TV shows and movies such as Supernatural, Firefly, Dark Angel, Dead Like Me, the 10th Kingdom, Army of Darkness, Donnie Darko, Spiderman, and others. I'm also kind of a geek. I collect comic books but only the awesome ones like Spiderman (Amazing Spiderman), stuff by Frank Miller and stuff by Alan Moore. I also like to read like nobody's business. I just finished "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock and recommend it to anybody and everybody. Also, in order to be worthy of existence on this planet, you must read "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Other than that, I guess I'm you're average superhero in disguise, attending a university disguised as a mild-mannered triple major in Classics, History, and Anthropology. I was once a half-wolf, but we don't talk about that, and when I was growing up, I did in fact have a pony. Led Zeppelin rules and clowns are the anti-christ. Any questions?

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